• Daniel Burkhoff, MD, PhD
    Cardiovascular Research Foundation
    New York, NY
  • Marc L. Dickstein, MD
    NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/
    Columbia University Medical Center
    New York, NY
  • William W. O’Neill, MD
    Henry Ford Hospital
    Detroit, MI
  • Navin K. Kapur, MD
    Tufts Medical Center
    Boston, MA
  • Susan M. Joseph, MD
    Baylor University Medical Center
    Dallas, TX


8:30 am
Overview of Course Objectives and Agenda
  • How to Navigate the Harvi App
Daniel Burkhoff

Session I: Basics of Hemodynamic Principles

8:45 am
Pressure-Volume Relations and Analysis of:
  • Preload
  • Afterload
  • Contractility
  • Diastole (Active and Passive Components)
  • Marc L. Dickstein
9:30 am
Basics of Myocardial Metabolism (MVO2-PVA), Coronary Blood Flow and Regulation of Myocardial Contractility
Marc L. Dickstein
10:15 am
Device-Based Approaches to Acute Heart Failure and Cardiogenic Shock
Daniel Burkhoff
11:00 am

Session II: Clinical Applications

11:30 am
High Risk PCI
William W. O’Neill
12:00 pm
Biventricular Failure
Navin K. Kapur
12:30 pm
LV Unloading During ECMO in Cardiogenic Shock
Susan M. Joseph
1:00 pm
TEACH I Certification Test
2:00 pm